MyQ and Smartphone Garage Door Openers

Modern homes demand modern solutions for safety and convenience. The garage door opener market is full of advanced technology solutions that help enhance your home and the performance of your garage door and opener.

At A-All Style Garage Door, we offer a selection of Wi-Fi network enabled garage door openers that allow you to open your garage door with a smartphone and to monitor activity at your home even while traveling abroad. As the go-to garage door expert in the Southwest Chicago Suburbs, we know garage doors inside and out, and we are always adding to our selection of products to ensure we have the latest and greatest in technology. If you’re in the market for smartphone garage door opener installation, trust the experts at A-All Style Garage Door to get it installed right the first time around.

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Enjoy Liftmaster MyQ and Other Advanced Opener Technology

MyQ is comprehensive garage door opener technology that puts control in the palm of your hand. You can monitor the status of your garage door and your home’s security using your smartphone,
and you can even opt-in to receive alerts about your garage door’s activity. Open or close your garage door from anywhere, which helps keep your home safe and provides you with a convenient way to allow remote access to your home. You can also use MyQ to open or close a security gate if your home or neighborhood has one.

Liftmaster MyQ

At A-All Style Garage Door, we offer fast and effective MyQ installation. For this technology to work, you must have a sectional garage door that also has IR photo eyes correctly installed. At A-All Style Garage Door, we have the experience with Liftmaster® MyQ garage door openers to ensure you get the best in installation services, as well as long-term use and value out of your investment.

We can even help if you want to add MyQ technology to an existing garage door opener!

Expert Installation From A-All Style Garage Door

We can deliver easy, fast and effective Smartphone and MyQ installation, as well as other garage door and opener repair, replacement and installation services. Family owned and operated, we are proud of our history serving Naperville, Plainfield and surrounding areas. We are always incorporating new technologies, and care about how your garage door and opener are enhancing your home’s safety and convenience.

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for Wi-Fi garage door openers or if you’re just beginning your search, our team at A-All Style Garage Door can provide expert guidance. Use our website to browse our garage door opener options, or contact our customer service team to ask questions. Our friendly, helpful garage door professionals can help you make sense of your many smartphone garage door opener options.

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