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What’s Included When You Purchase a New Garage Door?

What's Included When You Purchase a New Garage Door? At some point, you may need to purchase a new garage door for your home. Your current door could be broken or need an upgrade, or you may be looking to buy a door for your new house. Knowing what's included with a new garage door is vital to ensure you have everything you need for an effective installation. This guide covers what to expect when you order a new garage door, from the physical parts to the installation process and pricing. 

What Comes With a New Garage Door

Garage doors and openers are sold separat... Read more

Tips for Painting a New Garage Door

Choosing a garage door comes with so many options. Once you've picked out your door style and material, you still have to select a paint color. The right paint color can raise your home value, improve your curb appeal and transform the appearance of your home. Use this guide to help you get the best results when painting your garage door. 

When to Paint Your Door

When painting a garage door, you'll want to pick a nice, clear day. Temperature, wind and humidity can all affect the results, so choose a weekend or a couple of days that are clear and moderate. If it's too hot or too cold outs... Read more

Troubleshooting Garage Door Sensors

If you've ever pulled out of your garage and discovered your door won't close, you've likely encountered problems with your garage door sensors. Although this isn't the only reason your garage door may not be operating correctly, it's one of the most common.  Luckily, there are some easy ways to troubleshoot your garage door sensors without immediately having to call a service. 

How Do Garage Door Sensors Work? 

When your opener receives a signal to close the garage door, it checks for a clear infrared signal from the sensors. If it receives a clear signal, the door closes normally. If it doesn't receive that signal, then you'll see flashing lights and the door will not close. When the connection is free from obstruction, then your door should o... Read more

Add Wi-Fi to Garage Door Openers

Add Wi-Fi to Garage Door Openers Adding Wi-Fi to garage door openers is easier than it may seem, and it can increase the convenience and safety of your home. The MyQ garage door opener app has many features that can make your days easier. It's fairly simple to learn how to connect Wi-Fi to garage door openers. Once you set it up, you can use the MyQ app to operate your garage door from almost anywhere.

Benefits of Adding Wi-Fi to Your Garage Door Opener

Connecting Wi-Fi to your garage door opener allows you to open, close and check the status of your garage door wherever you are. Do you often forget to close the gar... Read more

How LED Lights Cause Interference With Your Garage Door Opener

How LED Lights Cause Interference With Your Garage Door Opener Have you noticed lately that your garage door opener has stopped working? You’ve changed the batteries in the remote and held the garage door opener at different distances and angles, with no luck improving the odds that the garage door will open. If you still can’t get the door to lift as usual, consider the presence of LED lights in your garage. While these bulbs are energy-efficient and can save you money on your utility bills, they may be interfering with the signals in your garage door remote.


LED lightbulbs have incre... Read more

Garage Door Services for Realtors


As a real estate agent, you know one of the best things a seller can do for their home is to boost its curb appeal. The first thing people see when they walk up to a home is the exterior, and the first impression a buyer gets can make or break a sale. While many people assume improving curb appeal means giving the home exterior a new coat of paint or sprucing up the landscaping, it can also include a garage door repair or replacement. 

Depending on the size of a garage, the door can take up a considerable amount of the visible spa...

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Garage Door or Opener Installation: DIY vs. Professional

Are you considering taking on a DIY garage door installation or a garage door opener project? Many homeowners tackle do-it-yourself home improvement projects for a variety of reasons, primarily to save on costs. Garage door and garage door opener installations can seem like straightforward tasks, but they require expert knowledge and professional tools to ensure the job is done right the first time. If not, you risk installing an unsafe and unreliable garage door system that could malfunction, causing inconvenience or serious injury. Can a DIY garage door installation kit offer you the same quality as a trained professional? Here's what you need to know.

The Drawbacks of DIY Garage Door Installation

Installing a new garage door or garage door opener with a DIY kit can b... Read more

Clopay® Slate Finish Garage Doors

At A-All Style Garage Door, we’re thrilled to not only provide the best-quality Clopay garage doors in the Chicago southwestern suburban area, but we also now offer Clopay’s slate grey finish color option. Grey is one of the trendiest garage door color options today and can perfectly complement and modernize your home’s exterior — whether your architecture is considered more classic or contemporary. This new color offering combines khaki, charcoal and black shades to create a stunning, distinct and transitional pigment option that can highlight or accentuate your home’s current coloring and trim. To complement your home’s style, we’re offering our new slate grey color on several of our Clopay garage door designs.

Is a Grey Color Garage Door Right for You?

Do you enjoy keep... Read more

MyQ and Wi-Fi Garage Door Benefits

You’ve had your garage door opener for many years and you’ve been hearing about the latest opener technologies, including Wi-Fi access and MyQ. But are these features really necessary and convenient when your machine has been operating reliably all this time without advanced tools? With Wi-Fi accessibility and MyQ technology, your garage door opener will not only open and close as needed, but you can also improve security measures at your home and remotely control your door from anywhere with just your smartphone.

Benefits of MyQ and Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers

Smart garage door openers are the most advanced and simple-to-use operating systems that allow you off-site monitoring and control by using only your smartphone, tablet or computer. All you have to do is download the fre... Read more

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