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How LED Lights Cause Interference With Your Garage Door Opener

LED Light Bulbs and Garage Door Openers Have you noticed lately that your garage door opener has stopped working? You’ve changed the batteries in the remote and held the garage door opener at different distances and angles with no luck improving the odds that the garage door will open. If you still can’t get the door to lift as usual, consider the presence of LED lights in your garage. While these bulbs are energy efficient and can save money on energy costs, they may be interfering with the signals in your garage door remote.   

How LED Bulbs Work 

LED light bulbs have increased in popularit... Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garage Door?

How much does it cost to install a garage door A garage door isn’t something you buy every day. In fact, most homeowners will only buy one or two of them in their lifetime. That means, unlike the price of milk, eggs and gasoline, most homeowners aren’t familiar with the price of garage doors. If you ask the average homeowner how much it costs to install a garage door, their estimate might be way off the mark. This is due to the many factors that influence garage door prices. Depending on what style and quality a homeowner chooses, the garage door can be fairly inexpensive or a significant investment. Garage doors typically ... Read more

Garage Door Trends

If you’re thinking about buying a new garage door, you may wonder if there have been any new trends in the industry. After all, buying a new garage door is a great opportunity to modernize and update the look of your home. With that in mind, here are some of the best garage door styles and trends.

What's Trending?

There are a lot of pretty garage door ideas for you to choose from today, so figuring out what kind of garage door to buy will require a combination of your own personal taste and your knowledge of what passes for stylish garage doors. Two aspects of today’s garage doors you will want to consider are color trends and general style trends.

Garage Door Color Trends 

One of the biggest color trends we are seeing is a wi... Read more

Garage Door Repair vs. Replacement – How to Decide

It’s the ultimate garage door question: Repair or replace? Obviously, in most cases, it will be cheaper and less time consuming to repair your garage door rather than replace it. But there are some situations when replacing the garage door is just the best option. How do you know which way to go? Here are a few guidelines to consider.

When to Repair Your Garage Door

The following circumstances will likely be remedied with a garage door repair: 
  • Cosmetic Damage Is Minimal: If the problem is minor damage to the door that could be fixed by simply replacing a panel or painting over the damage, repair is probably the better option. Note that in some cases, what may appear to be cosmetic only can sometimes also involve hidden stru...
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Businesses That Started in a Garage

businesses that started in a garage

Most of us have heard legends of famous people who started in their garage — for example, stalwart computer pioneers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, with little more than a few tools, a large workspace and their imagination ended up develop world-changing companies. For them, and people like them, the garage can be the most important room in your house. It makes sense to use a garage as an office if you’re starting a business from your house. There’s lots of space and you have privacy from the prying eyes of the outside world. Perhaps this is why... Read more

History of Garage Doors

carriage house garage doorFor as long as there have been cars, there have been garages. Not only did they have garages 100 years ago, but there have been some form of garages since the beginning of civilization! When was the first garage built? Thousands of years ago! For as long as there have been wheels, people have been building places to put them. Here are some little-known facts about the history of garages and garage doors.

Early Days of the Garage

What did the first garage door look like? While garages have been around for thousands of years, the earliest known struct... Read more

Does My Garage Door Need a Tune-Up? Plus, Free Annual Maintenance Checklist

tune-up and maintenance for your garage door A good garage door is like a good umpire. If they’re doing their job well, you don’t even notice them. Still, a garage door system is a piece of mechanical equipment. It has moving parts that can fail or wear out, so it is important to ask yourself, “does my garage need a tune-up?” from time to time. There are two situations specifically where a tune-up is likely necessary:  

Something is wrong with the door.

Things can go wrong with your garage door before it stops working entirely. If your door is exces... Read more

Reasons to Have a Keyless Garage Door Opener

garage door Are you considering getting a keyless garage door opener system? Are you wondering if a keyless garage door is safe? If you are working with a traditional key and lock garage door, even one that also has a remote garage door opening system, you may be wondering if you should make the switch to a keyless garage door opener. Here’s what you need to know about garage door keyless entry systems.

Benefits of a Garage Door Keypad

There are several reasons why people choose a keyless garage door system, as we’ve listed out below:
  1. No Lost Keys
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Adding Windows to Your Garage Door — What to Consider

garage door with windows

Adding Windows to Your Garage Door — What to Consider

Adding windows to a garage door can be a great idea for a number of reasons. They allow more natural light into your garage, and they can beautify your garage door, increasing your home’s curb appeal. So, what do you need to know before you consider adding windows to your garage door?

Can You Add Windows to a Garage Door Yourself?

Adding windows to an existing garage door yourself sounds simple — just replace a garage door panel with window glass, r... Read more

Getting Your Garage Ready for Summer and Keeping It Cool

garage door in summer Do I need to check my garage door for summer? The answer is almost definitely yes. The Chicago area can get notoriously hot in the summer, usually hitting between 78 and 92 degrees on a typical summer day. This can cause your garage to get quite toasty if you don’t know a few tricks to help make your garage cool in the summer. The garage is one of the most overlooked areas that can have a big impact on your home efficiency, and makes for a more enjoyable car temperature!

Getting a Garage Door Ready for Summer 

Much of the secret to keeping a garage cool is in the gara... Read more

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