Reasons to Have a Keyless Garage Door Opener

Reasons to Have a Keyless Garage Door Opener

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Are you considering getting a keyless garage door opener system? Are you wondering if a keyless garage door is safe? If you are working with a traditional key and lock garage door, even one that also has a remote garage door opening system, you may be wondering if you should make the switch to a keyless garage door opener. Here’s what you need to know about garage door keyless entry systems.

Benefits of a Garage Door Keypad

There are several reasons why people choose a keyless garage door system, as we’ve listed out below:

  1. No Lost Keysgarage door keyless pad

Most of the time, you’ll probably use your remote garage door opener to open your garage door. But what if you’re locked out of the house and the car is in the garage, or you’ve misplaced that opener? With a keyless garage door entry system, it’s no problem. As long as you have the code, you can get in.

  1. Security

Remember, these keyless entry systems are much tougher to hack than systems of old. You can also change the combination whenever it suits you if you are concerned that someone has stolen it or you just want to update your code.

On the other hand, most people frequently forget who they’ve provided a key to, either a neighbor or a friend – and if you lose a key – you’ll need to change your locks, which requires additional cost and hassle when compared to simply updating the code on a keyless garage door opener.

  1. Temporary Codes

Possibly one of the most useful features of a garage door keypad is the ability to distribute temporary codes. Let’s say you are in a situation where you have a guest coming over, but you can’t be home to let them in. You may be reluctant to give them the code to your garage door, so instead, you can assign them a temporary code that only works for a limited period of time. They can get in when you want them to without giving away your regular security code.

If you live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago or surrounding areas, call A-All Style Garage Door for installation of your garage door keyless entry system. We offer a full line of LiftMaster® garage door opener systems, including wall mount systems, we can install quickly and easily. They also include the MyQ® control panel, which allows you to operate your garage door with your phone or other digital device anywhere you can get a wireless signal. To learn more, contact us today.

Maintenance Tips For Wood Garage Doors

Wood Garage Door on Shed

To make sure that your wooden garage doors are looking their best and last a long time, we suggest several maintenance tips for reliable upkeep:

  • Keep them clean. The simple step of regularly cleaning your wood garage doors makes a huge difference in how they look and last. Build-up of dirt or moisture can cause garage doors to bend and warp.
  • Keep them protected. The other key to proper wood garage door upkeep is keeping them protected. The sun and harsh weather can shorten the life of natural wood garage doors, so make sure they are refinished every few years. Use stains and paints suggested by your door manufacturer.
  • Perform regular maintenance. Problems with the hinges, tracks and lift mechanisms of your garage doors can affect how long they last. The wood panels can be damaged if your doors aren’t lifting up straight due to an issue with the tracks for example.

There’s a reason so many customers choose wood garage doors. These doors, and especially Clopay Brand Wood Doors, are built to high standards, with top-quality stains on all six sides for maximum protection against the elements. 

 Keep Your Door Looking Great

If you are in the Chicago Southwest Suburbs, contact our garage door experts here at A-All Style Garage today and we’ll work with you to select the perfect wood garage doors for your home. For existing wood garage doors, we can provide regular maintenance to ensure your door keeps its natural beauty and functionality for years to come.


What to Do If Your Garage Door Is Frozen Shut

Garage Door Frozen Shut

As the temperature drops and the snow starts to fly, problems with your garage door can arise. While it’s not a common problem, from time to time you might find your garage door frozen shut. This is obviously a major inconvenience, especially if your vehicle is inside and you can’t get it out. It can also prevent you from parking your car inside at night, leaving it exposed to harsh weather and freezing temperatures.

If you find your garage door is frozen shut, there are a few steps you can take to open it without causing damage:

  • Remove ice: In most cases when your garage door won’t open in winter, it’s because it’s literally frozen to the ground or frame. Blowing snow can force its way around your garage door seals and create an icy barrier, freezing your garage door in place. You can carefully chip away at large ice build-ups along the bottom of your door, but be careful not to damage your door or doorframe.
  • Loosen door from seal: When your garage door is frozen against the seal, you shouldn’t try to raise and lower your door. This can damage the seals or your automatic garage door opener. If after an initial try it won’t go up, go outside and push with moderate force along the edges and bottom of your door. You don’t want to force it out of the track, but simply break the ice seal that has formed.
  • Add heat: If it seems that the ice keeping your door blocked still won’t let go, you can use a hairdryer to melt it. This will create water, which can quickly freeze again in cold weather, so you need to quickly mop it up and dry your seals so that it doesn’t freeze again.

To make sure your garage door doesn’t freeze again next time it gets cold, here are some handy tips:

  • Remove all snow and ice debris from around your door. Snow and ice around the door for prolonged periods of time can cause your garage door to freeze in place quickly.
  • Don’t heat your car up in the garage. The heat from your exhaust can melt snow around your seal, which freezes as soon as you shut your door again.
  • Keep your seals clean and in good shape. Broken and worn seals tend to absorb more moisture and freeze more quickly than new, smooth seals.

Being stuck in your garage is never fun, and your safety is always first priority. If you are in Naperville, Bolingbrook, Plainfield and surrounding Chicago Southwest Suburbs, simply give us a call or schedule a repair. Our team at A-All Style Garage Door will respond as quickly as possible to get your garage door open safely.


The Dangers of Cheap Garage Door Service and Products

quality garage door service and products

Many homeowners don’t know where to start when searching for garage door products and services. They may look online for local providers, or they may ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. The process that leads you to your garage door product and service provider is incredibly important to the success of your project. It’s important to look at other factors in addition to the lowest price if you want to avoid the dangers of cheap garage doors or garage door service. Here are a few ideas for making sure you find the best service provider for your home.

Finding the Best Service Provider

It’s always tempting to go with the low bidder on home improvement projects, but you often get what you pay for in terms of garage door service. It’s better to look for a blend of characteristics, including a reasonable bid, plus other important factors.

When searching for a garage door installation or repair professional, consider how long they’ve been in business. Not only is this a reflection of experience, but it’s also an indication they are doing quality work with the ability to sustain a long-term pipeline of customers. An established full-time business – rather than working from an unmarked truck or as a side job – also indicates a commitment to the industry and a dedication to doing quality work.

Make sure your garage door pro is insured and they give you a contract in writing before work begins. You also want to ensure that the company you hire to work at your home knows and complies with all local rules and regulations.

You can also take advantage of the many online tools available for researching prospective service professionals. Check the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau as well as Google+ customer reviews, and take a look at review sites like Angie’s List. It’s far better to discover something about a service provider before work begins than during a project.

The Dangers of Cheap Garage Doors

When it comes to searching for your next garage door, think in terms of value rather than price. For example, you may find a garage door for half the price of one that looks similar, but there’s often a good reason why one garage door is more expensive than the other – even when they look the same. One might be made of a stronger material, one that will last much longer and help save you money in the long run. Perhaps one includes insulation that will help make your home more efficient and save you money on heating and cooling.

A garage door should be tough and durable – qualities you’ll rarely find in a cheap product. We experience harsh winters here in the Southwest Chicago suburbs, and only tough and durable garage doors can properly withstand the snow, wind and ice that come our way during the coldest months of the year. A tough, durable garage door can also withstand the daily demands of a household. A garage door is often a front door for families – the main point of entry into a home. All that raising and lowering of a garage door takes a toll after a while, and a cheap garage door product will fail and need extensive repairs far earlier than something more substantial.

Avoid Low Quality Garage Door Openers

What applies to garage door products also applies to garage door openers. A garage door opener is an electric appliance that should be able to work without issue for many years. That means quality design and construction, as well as features that will keep your garage door opener operating even in the case of power surges, outages, severe weather and other similar situations.

It’s always a good idea to look for well-known brands such as Liftmaster or Clopay. These trusted manufacturers – both for garage doors and garage door openers – have track records of success in connecting customers with quality products for their homes. Beware the off-brand garage door or garage door opener that’s trying hard to look like a product from a trusted brand – but without the long track record of quality design and construction, as well as dependable performance.

Why Choose A-All Style Garage Door

A garage door is an investment in your home, one that should help make it safer and more attractive. When you’re looking for the perfect garage door service provider in Naperville and surrounding communities, look no further than A-All Style Garage Door. We’ve been proudly serving this area since 1981, and offer a three-year warranty on garage doors and one-year on openers.

We offer high-quality Clopay® garage doors and LiftMaster® garage door openers, and our team of highly trained technicians delivers the fast and effective service you deserve. Don’t settle for just any garage door service provider – choose the company that is committed to doing things the right way.

Contact A-All Style Garage Door to schedule a repair or get a free estimate on a

Garage Door Safety and Security Tips

Garage Door Safety and Security

High-functioning garage doors are an important component to any home. But there are two things you must keep in mind when using a garage door: safety and security. Garage doors are heavy machinery that can harm people and things if not used properly. They also serve as an entry into your home, which means you must secure this entry like you would a front door, back door or windows.

Here’s a garage door safety checklist, as well as helpful garage door security ideas:

  • Placement — Install your garage door control button more than five feet off the ground, and make sure you can clearly see the garage door from the control button’s position. It’s important to make sure the control button is out of the reach of children, which helps prevent a garage door-related accident.
  • Testing — Your garage door most likely includes a reversing mechanism. Make sure this reversing mechanism is in full operation by placing a roll of paper towels or another object in the door’s path. If the door fails to reverse, call for professional help.
  • Emergency Release — Any motorized garage door will feature an emergency release. If power goes out, or your opener isn’t working, this release lets you use your garage door manually.
  • Inspection — Give your garage door the visual once over on a regular basis. What are you checking for? Look specifically for wear and tear in the springs, rollers, pulleys, cables and other components. If you see anything that looks out of place, call for help.
  • Professional Help — Never attempt to make repairs or replacements on your own. A garage door’s parts are under a great amount of tension. This tension is what makes the garage door work, but it can also create a safety hazard if you attempt to work on it without the proper experience and knowledge.
  • Safety Beams — Consider installing safety beams if you don’t already have them. Safety beams offer added protection to go with your reversing mechanism. Beams sense when a vehicle or other object crosses the garage door’s path, and they tell the opener to reverse. This is an added layer of safety that keeps your garage door, your vehicles and your other assets safe and secure.
  • Vacation Lock — Many garage doors will include a vacation lock feature that prevents the garage door from opening and closing while you’re out of town. If you don’t have a vacation lock, consider unplugging the garage door opener if you’re gone for an extended period of time.
  • Key Treatment — Your garage door opener works like a key to your home. Treat it like a key by taking care of it and making sure it’s not out of your possession for any length of time.
  • Lock Entry Door — While your garage door does provide a measure of safety, go an extra step by locking the door that links your garage and home. If someone happens to make their way into your garage, you can help stop them from entering your house by locking the entryway.
  • Rolling Codes — New technology makes it possible for your garage door to change its access code each time the transmitter is used. This is just another way to ensure access to your home is limited only to people who have keys and the garage door opener.

At A-All Style Garage Door, we are your source for garage door service and expertise in Bolingbrook, Naperville, Plainfield and the Southwest Chicago suburbs. We can provide and install additional safety features for your garage door, or we can provide full replacement garage doors if you’re looking to upgrade.

Contact us today about your garage door needs.

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