Garage Door or Opener Installation: DIY vs. Professional

Are you considering taking on a DIY garage door installation or a garage door opener project? Many homeowners tackle do-it-yourself home improvement projects for a variety of reasons, primarily to save on costs.

Garage door and garage door opener installations can seem like straightforward tasks, but they require expert knowledge and professional tools to ensure the job is done right the first time. If not, you risk installing an unsafe and unreliable garage door system that could malfunction, causing inconvenience or serious injury.

Can a DIY garage door installation kit offer you the same quality as a trained professional? Here’s what you need to know.

The Drawbacks of DIY Garage Door Installation

Installing a new garage door or garage door opener with a DIY kit can be a risky project. Each participant must follow proper safety precautions to prevent injury, and you may not have the appropriate tools or skill set to assemble and install a new garage door correctly. The result is a low-quality garage door system that may not be reliable and safe for your family.

In general, the drawbacks of installing your garage door yourself include the following:

  • Safety risk: Did you know DIY garage door installations result in about 1600 injuries each year? When installing a garage door on your own, your safety is not guaranteed. Garage doors weigh around 400 pounds with a 1000-pound pressure spring so the door can be raised and lowered. Only a professional can ensure your new garage door system is safely installed.
  • Lack of tools and knowledge: A typical DIY installation kit recommends many different tools, including a cordless drill, level, socket/ratchet set and adjustable wrench. Unless you’re an experienced handyman, you may find yourself at a local hardware store purchasing or renting these tools to complete the job. You’ll also need to learn how to use the tools correctly. Calling a professional garage door installer eliminates some of the hassle and saves you time.
  • Same price as a professional: Homeowners may choose a DIY garage door installation to save money. However, most of the time, DIY projects cost the same as hiring a professional installer. When you consider the price of materials, tools and training — and perhaps even the monetary value of your time — the project may even exceed what a professional would charge. Then, your home is left with a sub-standard garage door system that could malfunction at any time, costing you even more money and time in the long run.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Garage Door Installation?

Investing in a professional garage door installation has many long-term benefits, the most important of which is safety. Only a professional can install all components according to manufacturer and industry safety guidelines. A professional garage door installer provides high-quality service, quick and easy installation and the peace of mind that your investment will last.

The main reasons to invest in a professional garage door installation are:

  • Quality: Most professional installers offer high-quality door sales, installation and repair. They ensure your new garage door system has a long life, backed by a warranty and future service should something go wrong. You won’t have these assurances by installing a garage door on your own.
  • Timely and prompt service: Since professional garage door technicians are industry experts, they can provide smooth and seamless installations. Consider the time you could save by hiring a professional to assemble and install your garage door with ease.
  • Highly trained experts: Professional installers work with garage doors every day, so they can offer expert-level knowledge and advice. It can be easy to underestimate the knowledge needed to safely and properly install a garage door and counterbalance system. Professionals help you check your installation or repair project off your to-do list without risk of injury.

Garage Door Openers: Why You Should Go With a Pro

Just like with garage doors, it’s risky to attempt a DIY garage door opener installation as well. Though it may seem cheaper to go buy an opener from a hardware or home improvement store and install it yourself — or even hire someone to come install the product you purchased — you will almost always end up spending more in the long run.

Professional garage door installation companies will have the best openers for you to choose from, and their staff will be so familiar with them that they can complete the installation quickly and correctly the first time around. This will save you in additional costs down the road to fix any mistakes or upgrade low-quality equipment. Plus, you won’t have to invest in any of the tools or knowledge you’ll need to complete the installation.

In addition, a cheap or incorrectly installed opener can damage your garage door resulting in a very costly repair down the road, or you may even need a full replacement.

Many of our customers are surprised to find that we offer higher quality garage door openers at very competitive prices compared to those offered by big box stores, and that it’s the same price or sometimes cheaper in the long run to buy from us and have us install.

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