How LED Lights Cause Interference With Your Garage Door Opener

LED Light Bulbs and Garage Door Openers

Have you noticed lately that your garage door opener has stopped working? You’ve changed the batteries in the remote and held the garage door opener at different distances and angles with no luck improving the odds that the garage door will open.

If you still can’t get the door to lift as usual, consider the presence of LED lights in your garage. While these bulbs are energy efficient and can save money on energy costs, they may be interfering with the signals in your garage door remote.   

How LED Bulbs Work 

LED light bulbs have increased in popularity among homeowners because of their energy efficiency. This energy efficiency is the result of pulse-width modulation. LED bulbs appear as a continuous stream of light, but with pulse-width modulation technology, the light is actually flashing at a rate of 15 times per second. Control circuits inside the bulb operate this scheduled flash and rely on a frequency between 30 and 300 MegaHertz (MHz).

Why LED Lights Cause Interference With Garage Door Openers 

Garage door openers operate by using radio waves, similar to how a remote-controlled car works. LED lights have drivers inside the bulbs, which produce a field that interferes with the garage door — preventing the door from opening.   

Garage doors operate using frequencies between 28 and 360 MHz. Because these two devices use frequencies that intersect, they can interfere with each other. 

So does this mean you can’t use LED lights in your garage? 

Luckily, you can still have the energy efficiency of LED lights, but you’ll have to pay a bit more for quality, name-brand bulbs. Because of the demand for lower prices for LED light bulbs, companies have produced lower quality bulbs as a result.

Companies manufacturing products that rely on radio signals — like LED bulbs and garage door openers — have little industry regulations that govern frequency emissions so that signals can interfere with other products.

As a result, as well as due to an increased demand for cheaper products, these lower quality bulbs don’t have the shielding that blocks the radio frequency interference that affects your garage door, unlike most name-brand lights. You can also look for LED bulbs that specifically note that they are designed to block radio waves interference.

Fixing LED Lights in Your Garage 

If LED light bulbs are the culprit for your garage door not opening correctly, how can you fix this problem? Possible solutions include: 

  • Switching to a name-brand LED light — look for a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) logo showing FCC compliance, including for minimum radio frequency interference
  • Changing the garage light fixture to a less energy efficient option
  • Contacting a garage door professional to help diagnose the issue

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