Maintenance Tips For Wood Garage Doors

Wood Garage Door on Shed

To make sure that your wooden garage doors are looking their best and last a long time, we suggest several maintenance tips for reliable upkeep:

  • Keep them clean. The simple step of regularly cleaning your wood garage doors makes a huge difference in how they look and last. Build-up of dirt or moisture can cause garage doors to bend and warp.
  • Keep them protected. The other key to proper wood garage door upkeep is keeping them protected. The sun and harsh weather can shorten the life of natural wood garage doors, so make sure they are refinished every few years. Use stains and paints suggested by your door manufacturer.
  • Perform regular maintenance. Problems with the hinges, tracks and lift mechanisms of your garage doors can affect how long they last. The wood panels can be damaged if your doors aren’t lifting up straight due to an issue with the tracks for example.

There’s a reason so many customers choose wood garage doors. These doors, and especially Clopay Brand Wood Doors, are built to high standards, with top-quality stains on all six sides for maximum protection against the elements. 

Keep Your Garage Door Running Smoothly With A-All StyleGarage Door’s Troubleshooting Guides. 

Keep Your Door Looking Great

If you are in the Chicago Southwest Suburbs, contact our garage door experts here at A-All Style Garage today and we’ll work with you to select the perfect wood garage doors for your home. For existing wood garage doors, we can provide regular maintenance to ensure your door keeps its natural beauty and functionality for years to come.


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