Winterizing Your Garage Door for Cold Weather

Winterize Your Garage


Your garage door should be a safe refuge during the winter and able to help you weather any storm or freezing temperatures. But a wintertime garage door breakdown can mean you’re left trudging through the snow, getting things out of your car and into your house without the comfort and protection of a fully operable garage. That’s why it’s important to take action before winter strikes, addressing important factors like:

  • Parts — High-functioning garage doors rely on a series of important parts working together, including springs, rollers, tracks and more. In winter months, these metal parts begin to expand and contract with changes in weather, which can lead to breakdowns. Before winter begins, have your garage door checked for problem areas and make proactive replacements before you have issues in harsh conditions.
  • Lubrication — Many lubricants begin to lose their viscosity in cold temperatures. Before and during winter, make sure you use a spray lubricant on your garage door. This should help it run more smoothly even in the coldest moments of winter.
  • Weather Stripping — If your garage door features weather stripping around the bottom, make sure to keep this base free of snow and ice during the winter. Freezing precipitation can attach to your garage door’s weather stripping, causing it to rip when you raise your door.
  • Batteries — Cold weather can be a serious drain on batteries. Make sure your remote and keypad batteries are charged up and ready to go for winter. This will help avoid a situation where you and your family are sitting in a snowy driveway and wondering what’s going on with your garage door.
  • Insulation — You can find foam boards to insert, but this isn’t always a quality solution. In our experience at A-All Style Garage Door, foam panels add very little as far as insulation value, can be expensive, and in fact can buckle low-quality single sided doors from added weight. Instead, consider making the smart investment in a garage door pre-insulated with polyurethane.

Proactive Maintenance Matters

It’s always easier to take care of garage door issues before they create a full breakdown. It’s best to have your garage door inspected and maintained twice a year, with one maintenance visit before winter. A garage door professional can inspect all parts, add lubrication, test your batteries, examine weather stripping, and help you identify areas that need attention before the coldest months of the year arrive.

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