2016 Garage Door Return on Investment

Garage Door ROI

Garage Door ROI: 2016 Cost vs. Value Report

Remodeling magazine is a trusted source for information on home improvements and how to get the most value out of your home. The magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value report shows once again that a new garage door is among the most valuable home improvement projects you can undertake.

Not only does a garage door replacement offer a recouped cost of 91.5 percent, this cost rose from 2015 to 2016. Even more attractive about the idea of installing a new garage door at your home is the relatively small initial outlay required when compared to other high-return home improvement projects. A new garage door will typically cost less than $2,000, which compares favorably to bathroom and kitchen remodels, add-on rooms and decks, new roofing and other projects.

The 2016 Remodeling magazine report only further confirms the conventional wisdom about garage door replacement return on investment. If you’re looking to improve the way your home looks and feels without throwing away money you won’t recoup, a new garage door could be the perfect home improvement project.

Refresh the Look of Your Home

Most high-return home improvement projects improve the exterior of a home. In addition to the 91.5 percent cost recouped by a new garage door, a new entry door recouped 91.1 percent of investment on average and manufactured stone veneer 92.9 percent on average. This is due to the importance of curb appeal.

Your home will make a statement to prospective buyers the minute they lay eyes on it.  Given how large a portion of the exterior of your home that a garage door often takes up, a new garage door represents a significant opportunity to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Take advantage of this opportunity by finding a look you love and one that complements your existing architecture.

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