What’s the Difference Between MyQ, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Garage Door Openers?

Not too long ago, garage door openers were simple and their only responsibility was reliably raising and lowering your garage door with the click of a remote. But with today’s technology, your garage door opener is capable of controlling so much more. Many LiftMaster garage door openers, among others, are equipped with MyQ technology and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities that allow you improved safety and security at your home. But what exactly is included with all of these advanced capabilities, and is a new garage door opener equipped with this technology right for your home?

What Is a MyQ Garage Door Opener?

With MyQ technology, you have ultimate control over your home’s garage door system from anywhere. Utilizing advanced two-way communication technology, you can monitor and control your garage door opener or lights using any internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer. By simply downloading a free app to your iOS or Android device, you can check if you accidentally left the garage door open when you left for work, open or close the door remotely if you want someone to check on your home while you’re away or even program the lights to come on when you arrive home.

For user convenience, MyQ technology is compatible with many garage door openers manufactured after 1993, and many newer models are built with MyQ technology already enabled in the machine.

Not only can MyQ technology help you better monitor garage door activity and allow you to control the door and lights remotely, but it can also be connected to several home security systems, including Wink, Nest, SmartThings, XFINITY Home and also Apple HomeKit with an additional adaptor purchase so Siri can assist you.

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers

To use the latest MyQ technology, the system must have internet connectivity. While searching for your new smart garage door opener, you may see many machines featuring Wi-Fi or Bluetooth accessibility. But is there a difference? And which is the superior preference?

Both of these forms of technology will allow your garage door opener to connect to your phone. However, Wi-Fi is the better option. With Wi-Fi connectivity, your garage door will be connected to your home’s internet and you can remotely monitor your garage door from anywhere, while with Bluetooth you must be within a 20-foot range of the garage door opener.

How Does MyQ Work?

So once you’ve got internet connectivity and MyQ set up, how does the system actually work? While the technology seems complicated, the process of remotely controlling your garage door is actually simple:

  • Your garage door opener with MyQ technology is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi.
  • When you send a command from your smartphone, that signal is relayed to a hub.
  • This signal then triggers a sensor in the opener that activates the garage door to open or close or control the lights.

Learn More About Available Wi-Fi Features For Garage Doors

Experience the Future With a New Garage Door Opener Available at A-All Style Garage Door

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