The Garage Door Company You Want

This is the garage door company you want! Our garage door wouldn’t go all the way up. We looked for any obstructions but couldn’t find anything. I called because I had used them before and was very happy with their service. The representative asked me if I needed it right away and thankfully, I told him no, I could wait until the next day if need be. It was snowing that day so I figured they would be busy. He told me he’d call back if he could have someone out that day. About half an hour later I got a call that a technician would be out in an hour. In an hour, as promised, Chuck showed up. He was able to get the door to go up but noticed the mechanism that controlled the door going up was installed almost 20 years ago! He explained that it wouldn’t break that week but it would need replacing. The price quoted was very fair and he said he could do it right then and there. Then the problem was we have a nonworking car in our garage and he said he needed both cars out. So I said I’d call when we could get that car out. Chuck came back in 5 minutes and said he could do it anyway. I was so grateful that he was willing to work around our problem. He did the job so fast and I’m happy because it’s an upgraded system and the door is so quiet now. This was my second great experience with this company and I highly suggest them. 

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