Clopay Garage Door Color Matching and Touch-up Paint

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Love your Clopay garage door color, but want the rest of your house to match? We frequently get this request from homeowners looking to match trim, doors, accents and other areas of their home to their garage door color. You now have the ability to coordinate the exterior of your home to your garage door for greater curb appeal, or to match a specific home design.

In addition, many homeowners are looking for touch-up paint for their Clopay garage door. This is an inexpensive way to get the matching paint color for your garage door for minor paint fixes. Note that if your garage door is older, it may have weathered and no longer be an exact match.

For matching and touch-ups, visit your neighborhood paint store to get the perfect color match. For the most precise color matching, Behr® offers coded paint colors that precisely match Clopay Garage Door Colors.

How to get the matching color trim/touch-up paint for Clopay garage doors:

  1. For all paint colors and Ultra-Grain® Colors, request a steel color chip of the proper door color and take it to your local Sherwin Williams retail store (or other) paint supplier. These stores will use the chip to match the paint sold in the store.
  2. For solid paint colors, visit your local Behr® paint supplier and use the following CBP codes to get a color match in Behr Marquee®, Behr Premium Plus Ultra® or Behr Premium Plus® exterior paint.

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Check out our Behr Clopay Color chart below for CBP Codes:

Behr Color Chart for Clopay Garage Door Matching

Live in the Naperville area, and have questions about matching your new garage door to your home or about touch-up paint for an existing garage door? Contact us at A-All Style Garage Door for help. If you are looking for a custom color for a garage door, we can help with that also – check out our color blast program for more information!

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