Garage Door Trends

If you’re thinking about buying a new garage door, you may wonder if there have been any new trends in the industry. After all, buying a new garage door is a great opportunity to modernize and update the look of your home. With that in mind, here are some of the best garage door styles and trends.

What’s Trending?

There are a lot of pretty garage door ideas for you to choose from today, so figuring out what kind of garage door to buy will require a combination of your own personal taste and your knowledge of what passes for stylish garage doors. Two aspects of today’s garage doors you will want to consider are color trends and general style trends.

Garage Door Color Trends 

One of the biggest color trends we are seeing is a wider range of colors. People are moving away from the traditional muted browns and whites and experimenting with greens, blues and other colors at varying levels of intensity.

Don’t be afraid to choose a bold color, but make sure there’s a strategy behind it. For example, some people choose a garage door color that matches their landscape features, like the green of their lawn or the blue of a water fountain.

You may also choose colors that match your house. If you’re going for a direct match, match the main color of the door with the main color of the house. Then if you want, paint garage door trim to match the trim or accents of the home. Looking for the exact color of your garage door to paint the trim or other parts of your home? If you have a Clopay door, simply visit your local paint store.  

Have a custom color you love for your new garage door? Just provide a Sherwin Williams paint swatch, and you can order a new Clopay® door featuring Color Blast®. This solar-reflective paint system provides beautiful custom matched color while protecting your door from the elements.

Garage Door Style Trends

The biggest style trends when it comes to garage doors revolve around taking advantage of the newest technology, both for your door’s appearance and operation.

Insulated garage doors have become popular as part of an overall effort to create a sustainable home. Insulated garage doors reduce the amount of heat that escapes the home in winter, and they allow less heat in during summer — dramatically reducing your heating and cooling costs and saving energy (while saving you money).

People who are buying new garage doors are also taking advantage of Smart home technology like LiftMaster’s® MyQ system. MyQ is a Smart garage operating system that allows you, after installing a simple app on your phone, to control all of your garage door’s functions wirelessly, from wherever you are. If you are in the office and can’t remember if you shut the garage door, you can check and close it right there as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. Or, if you need to let someone in and you’re not home, you can open the door remotely from your phone.

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